All Payment will Be done During 5 to 15 of Each month.

We Have 2 type of Payment. 

1 – Topup Mobile Cart.

we are always sending Mobile E topup to Each Winner Telephone Number when His/Her Point reach to 50 Afghani.

Below 50 Afghani is not payable to any User but each user can ask any amount of above 50 Afghani when he/she win


2 – Cash Money to His/Her Bank account or his/her can get cash from our Office located at Karte-e-now ( Street 3  ) – 4th Floor of Islamic bank building – Naikbeen Control Panel Company when his/her point reach up to 500 Afghani. 

Below 500 Afghani will not paid to any one but he/she can ask us for mobile cart if have below 500 Afghani.

  • 50 Afghani

    50 Afghani
    Etisalat - AWCC- Sallam - MTN Roshan
  • 500 Afghan Cash

    500 Afghan Cash
    Payment Option
    Cash or Paid at Bank Account